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6 Best Antarctica Cruise Videos

Our favorite videos of cruises to Antarctica. Penguins, seals, and whales are a large part of the attraction of these expedition voyages. It all makes for wonderful video.

1. Antarctica cruise video by Dietmar Denger. This video does an excellent job of showing the "cruise" part of the adventure -- stormy seas and all. Beautiful camera work. Scenes of penguins and fantastical ice. All from a 10-day cruise from Argentina to Antarctica. 3.5 minute video.

2. Antarctica: Tales of Ice by Kadavre Exquis. The ice forms, land, and wildlife of the Antarctic. Professionally put together and enjoyably short. 3.5 minute video.

antarctica cruise and travel guide video
antarctica in one word video

3. Antarctica cruise and travel guide video. An overview of what to expect from an Antarctica cruise. Includes testimonials from passengers. Tour of the ship too. 9.5 minute video.

4. Antarctica in one word by JD Andrews. Trying to sum up Antarctica in one or a few words, while showing scenic footage. The crew and passengers of the M/S Expedition provide the words. Good concept, well executed. 5 minute video.

silversea antarctica cruise video
seabourn antarctica cruise video

5. Silversea Antarctica expedition cruise video. A short video that has all the expected scenes of wildlife. Penguins, seals, whales, and birds. Nicely put together. 3 minute video.

6. Antarctica cruise time lapse. His whole cruise compressed into a few minutes on this time lapse video. Entirely unique and fascinating to watch. 6 minute video.

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