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Best Cruise Destinations

There are many great cruise destinations of the world. Ships sail to islands, beach resorts, historic ports, and scenic wonders. The number of cruise destinations increases all the time, and the Cruise Guide Network is growing to cover them.

Hawaiian Cruise Guide: Hawaii is one of the world's great vacation destinations. Leave from San Diego, Los Angeles, Vancouver or Honolulu. See a live volcano, learn to surf, go snorkeling, and do the hula. On a Hawaii cruise you get to see several of the islands, which is what you want.

Australia Cruise Guide: Go down under for an Australia cruise holiday. There are cruises around Australia, and also to related highlights like New Zealand, Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef. Most departures are from Sydney, but there are a few cruises from the United States to Australia.

Cool Mediterranean Cruises: The Mediterranean is a world favorite. History, food, nightlife, scenic wonders, and great weather ... Mediterranean ports have got it all. Voyages are usually either eastern (Greece, Turkey, Croatia) or western (Spain, France, Italy); but there are grand cruises that cover the entire region.

Cruise Transatlantic: Transatlantic cruises are the civilized way to travel between America and Europe. Make a romantic Atlantic crossing with someone you love. Many of these are in the spring and fall, when cruise lines reposition ships between Europe and the Caribbean.

Southern Caribbean Cruises from Puerto Rico: Get a jump on a cruise deep into the Caribbean by leaving from Puerto Rico. These are the more exotic islands.

World Cruise Central: Want to see it all? You can, on a world cruise. These exclusive trips literally go around the world, visiting all of the great cruise destinations. The extended voyages typically depart in January and last from 80 to more than 100 days.

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